5 Reasons Why Passive Voice Misuse Fixer Is Better Than Manual Proofreading

Why Do You Need to Fix Passive Voice?

Passive voice is not advisable in any form of writing as it fails to clearly identify the subject of your writing and can lead to confusion and misunderstandings. Eliminating passive voice in your work is important if you want to get good results from all of the hard work that you have put in. Using our passive voice misuse checker will help you to quickly identify any issues with the voice within your writing.

It is important to ensure that your writing reflects the active voice to get the best from your writing. That means fully understanding how the grammar passive voice and active voice differs and how to avoid passive voice when writing.

Why Is Our Grammar Becoming Worse?

From verb forms to basic spelling we seem to be seeing a decline in the standards of our writing. Tutors struggle with correcting all of the issues that they find in their students work. Often the reasons for this decline can be traced back to social media and texting. Many students allow their slang and text speak to creep through into their other work dragging down its quality.

However, if you want to get good grades or for your writing to be taken seriously after your education then you need to concentrate on your writing. Only be eliminating passive voice and other grammatical issues within your writing will you be able to make an impact with what you have to write.

5 Reasons Why Passive Voice Misuse Fixer Is Better Than Manual Proofreading

Knowing how to fix passive voice misuse is key to improving the quality of your writing. However many of us will struggle to find problems within our own writing. Manual proofreading by most is ineffective for a host of different reasons. Our professional passive voice misuse finder is more effective than proofreading your own work because:

  1. It is quicker: the software may take just a few seconds to fully review your writing not just for passive voice issues but for hundreds of other potential problems with your writing.
  2. It is more effective: software will be able to see issues that you are simply blind to as you are often unable to see past what you intended to write rather than what has been written.
  3. You may struggle to correct an issue: the software can suggest specific changes to correct what it has discovered.
  4. It can uncover issues that you would miss: the software can check for over 400 grammatical rules as well as issues with punctuation, passive voice misuse correction and spelling.
  5. It ensures that your writing will be unique: the built-in plagiarism tester will uncover any text that may be seen as copied.

How to Use Our Passive Voice Misuse Checker

Our free passive voice editor is available for free to use online to make sure that your writing will truly be the best that it can be. As a document and sentence editor, it is able to quickly review your work to eliminate errors as well as suggesting improvements to your writing so that it will be better received. To make use of our professional and effective tool simply follow these steps:

  • Navigate to our tool: our site is available from anywhere in the world and can be used around the clock 24/7 without having to download anything.
  • Copy and paste the writing that you need to have reviewed directly into the space that is provided on the tool and select check to start the process.
  • The software will use its algorithms to carefully check through your writing to highlight any errors as well as highlighting any potential improvements that it recognizes within your writing.
  • Review the results: work your way through what it has identified. You can choose to accept the changes that it suggests, dismiss them, or make alternative revisions of your own.
  • Copy and paste the revised text back into your document: once you have finished reviewing improvements and corrections you simply paste the results back into your document.

Make full use of our passive voice misuse checker to ensure that your writing uses the active voice throughout.