Passive Voice Checker Online Free

Why Would You Need an Online Passive Voice Checker?

The quality of your writing will have a huge impact on how well it is received. People are more likely to trust and take the right action from something that is well written while students will get better grades. The active voice in your writing will always provide a clearer and stronger tone and as such in most cases should be used over the passive voice. Using an automatic passive voice detector can, therefore, help you to improve your writing. By using a passive voice checker online free you will be able to ensure that you use the right voice for your writing.

The active voice is one in which the subject takes the action, that is that the verb will follow the subject such as; “the man walked down the street. The passive voice is when the subject is acted on by the verb such as in; “the street was walked down by the man.”

Using a passive sentence checker allows you to be able to quickly discover where you have incorrectly used the passive voice. This allows you to make changes to your writing to correct it to the active voice if required. Our tool provides you with all that you need to be able to find and correct issues with the passive in your sentence structure as well as fixing many other grammar errors in your writing.

Who Could Use a Passive Voice Checker Online Free?

Doing a passive voice check is very simple if you use our tool. It can be used by anyone anywhere in the world and can quickly highlight for you where you have used the passive voice within your writing allowing you to make changes for the better. All of the following could do with using our free passive voice checker:

  • Teachers: while many teachers understand why it is improper to write in passive voice they often have so much work to review that they would miss the issues if they had to do everything manually. Using a simple and effective tool to check for passive voice such as ours will cut out all of the hard work and help them to quickly find issues that might otherwise be missed.
  • Students: submitting work that is less than your best is just asking to lower grades. Just a few minutes using our grammar passive voice checker will help you to significantly improve the writing that you will submit to gain you better grades. Moreover, if you use the tool regularly, it will help you to avoid many grammar issues as you will become more aware of the mistakes that you commonly make within your own writing.
  • Business: active voice writing gets straight to point and is clear and easy to understand. Passive voice is not always so clear to understand and it may even come over as being evasive or dishonest. So using the active voice in your business communications can be very important indeed if you want people to trust and act on what you have to say.
  • Webmasters: not only will your readers be put off by poor grammar, but the ranking of your site can also be seriously affected by the grammar of your writing. On page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to getting your page placed highly in the rankings and having poor grammar can have a negative effect on those rankings.

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What Are Common Mistakes When Using Passive Voice?

When you look at grammar in English there are 5 areas or properties that you need to consider. These are voice, tense, mood, number and finally person. When it comes to voice you only have the choice of passive and active and in most cases you should always try to use the active voice with your writing. This makes your writing clearer and avoids misinterpretation of what you have to say.

Most people make the mistake of simply not understanding when to use the passive voice. Generally, people use it when they want to fluff out their writing with extra words or they want to sound more flowery. In this case, it would be an incorrect use of the passive voice. The passive voice should be used when you:

  • What to put the focus on the thing or person that is being acted upon.
  • If you are discussing something that is seen as a general truth.
  • If you are looking to be vague about who is responsible for the action.
  • If the “actor” is unknown or are irrelevant to the sentence.
  • If you are writing a scientific paper in a genre that traditionally uses the passive voice.

What Can Our Active Vs Passive Voice Detector Show You?

If you wonder “Is this passive voice?”,  the essay passive voice checker that we provide for you is able to rapidly highlight any sentences that may have been written in the wrong voice. It will, therefore, enable you to make corrections such as the following:

Passive Voice Active Voice
The papers were marked by the teacher. The teacher marked the papers.
The arrest was made by the policeman. The policeman made the arrest.
The exam was failed by half of the applicants. Half of the applicants failed the exam.
The brakes were applied by the driver. The driver applied the brakes.

What Can Our Active and Passive Voice Corrector Fix for You?

Our tool offers you a full check of your writing and not just help on how to change passive voice into active voice. By using our professional grammar checker you will ensure that your writing is taken to the next level. It can check for all of the following:

  • Grammatical errors: from incorrect voice and tense through to run on and sentence fragments our tool will help you to identify more than 400 different grammatical rules within your writing. It will give your writing the added boost that you need to impress your readers.
  • Tricky spelling: most traditional tools will not be able to work with unusual wording or even identify if you have misused words that are commonly confused such as desert and dessert. Our easy to use tool will be able to help you to ensure that all words are used in the correct context and spelled correctly.
  • Punctuation errors: simply putting a comma in the wrong place can change the whole meaning of what you want to say. Our specialist tool helps you to ensure that your punctuation is done correctly for what you want to communicate to your readers.

How Do You Use Our Passive Voice Misuse Corrector?

To use our passive voice analyzer could not be any simpler. To use our quick and easy tool all you have to do is:

  • Navigate to the page on which you will find our tool so that you can use it: it is available around the clock from anywhere in the world.
  • Copy and paste the text that you wish to check into the space that is provided for your check and complete the captcha challenge to start the process.
  • The software will quickly review your text and will highlight issues for you to review and change in your text.
  • Review the suggestions highlighted and accept the changes that you want: you have full control over what is changed in your text.
  • Copy and paste the corrected text back into your original document ready for use.

Why Should You Use Our Free Passive Voice Checker?

Our fix passive voice tool is one of the best to use if you want to look at any comparison. Our professional passive voice misuse fixer offers you all of the following advantages:

  • It is free: you do not have to pay for the use of the tool nor do you have to register your details if you want to have your writing checked.
  • It is quick and simple to use: it will take you only a few minutes to check your work with issues being highlighted in a fraction of a second by the software.
  • It is comprehensive: the tool is able to check for many errors that most other tools will simply miss.
  • There are no limits to your usage: you can check anything from a short essay through to a large manuscript.
  • Available from anywhere 24/7: you can use the tool from any device without having to download any software.

What Documents Can Our Grammar Tool Help You With?

If you are wondering how to find passive voice issues and other grammatical problems look no further than our professional and highly reliable tool. It can be used by anyone, anywhere and will quickly help you to ensure that your writing is finished to the highest of standards.

You can use our grammar passive voice checker for all of the following documents and so much more:

  • Academic papers such as essays, theses, and journal articles.
  • Business papers such as letters, reports, and proposals.
  • Personal writing such as resumes and official letters.
  • Online writing such as web pages and landing pages.

Make use of our professional passive voice checker online free and ensure that your writing is truly able to impress.