How to Change Passive Voice to Active Voice

Why Do You Need to Know How to Get Rid of Passive Voice in Writing?

It is vital that you know how to fix passive voice with passive voice finder online. It is expected that in most circumstances you will write in the active rather than the passive voice. The active voice is clearer and your reader is less likely to be confused by anything that you may write. So you will need to know how to change passive voice to active voice writing if you are to impress with your writing.

Using passive sentences in your writing is frowned upon unless you use the voice with good reason. Your writing should always be active unless you wish to place the emphasis of your writing onto the action or the object rather than on the subject of the sentence, or in cases where the subject is unknown or unimportant. Using our easy to use active vs. passive voice checker is a quick way to highlight which of your sentences are passive.

How Can You Differentiate Between Active and Passive Voice in English?

The difference between the two voices is within the sentence construction. In the active voice, you will have a subject that will act upon the verb. This means that the subject or noun will come before the verb in the sentence. For example; “the brown fox sat on the mat.”

For passive sentences the reverse is true. The subject will receive the action of the verb. So for the above example, we would write it as; “the mat was sat on by the brown fox.”

In general active voice is greatly preferred as it is clear and concise and leaves little room for the writing to be misinterpreted. Passive writing, however, will often be harder to understand, wordier, and prone to leaving the reader confused as to who is doing what and to whom. To identify passive voice, simply install an active vs passive voice detector to save your time.

Example of Passive Voice and Active Voice Sentence Construction

Before you can correct your writing you must first clearly understand the difference between the two. While our active vs passive voice checker can quickly identify the voice you have used it is still best that you will be able to identify the differences by yourself. Only then will you be able to fully understand what you are looking for and how you will need to change your writing to be able to avoid passive sentences in your essays and other writing.

Our examples of passive voice in writing and their active equivalents will help you to fully understand your own writing:

Active Voice Passive Voice
The meteor caused a large flash of light. The large flash of light was caused by the meteor.
Flying ducks smashed the nose cone of the aircraft. The nose cone of the aircraft was smashed by flying ducks.
The maid swept the floor quickly. The floor was quickly swept by the maid.
The mechanic snapped the spanner when fixing the car. The spanner snapped when the mechanic was fixing the car.
The learner driver applied the brakes to hard. The brakes were applied to hard by the learner driver.

Passive Voice Verbs List

When constructing passive sentences you will usually use the auxiliary verb “to be” along with the past participle of the main verb being used in the sentence. This is one way in which our free online paper editor is able to quickly change active voice to passive voice online. So the past tense of the verb will be combined with one of the following:

  • Am
  • Is
  • Are
  • Is being
  • Have
  • Has been
  • Was
  • Were
  • Were being
  • Has been
  • Will be
  • Will have been

How to Change Passive Voice to Active Voice Writing

Once you understand the structure of an active sentence then it can usually be fairly easy to change the sentence into an active one. Just remember that the order of nouns and the verbs will be different as your subject will now be auctioning the verb rather than being acted on as in a passive form.

The first step is to identify the subject of the sentence. This is the person or thing that is taking the action within the sentence. So if the passive sentence was “the night was spoiled by the crying baby” the subject will be the “crying baby”. The verb in play is the next thing to identify which in this case is “spoiled”.

The sentence needs then to be rewritten with the subject first followed by the verb; “The crying baby spoiled the night.” It really can be that simple to correct the sentences.

The big problem is usually finding where you have used the passive voice, which is where our active and passive voice checker comes in. You can also try our Active vs Passive Voice Worksheet to practice with passive sentence structure.

how to change passive voice to active voice online

Why Use Our Active and Passive Voice Checker?

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