Detect Passive Voice with Free Passive Voice Finder

Why Do You Need a Passive Voice Identifier?

You need to be slick at identifying passive voice within your writing. In most cases, you will be expected to use the active voice as this is clearer and more to the point for your writing. There are few cases in which you will be expected to use the passive voice and it should be avoided if possible if not specifically required to be used. A good free passive voice finder can be used to help you to see if you have inadvertently used the passive voice in your writing. Modern passive voice fixer can solve the majority of your issues with passive voice.

Good writing is always required whether you are in business, a student, or writing a website. You will be judged on the quality of your writing and it will be less effective if you have made errors within it. You are unlikely to persuade someone to a particular course of action or to win good grades if you make grammatical and other errors in your writing. Using a free spell and grammar check to improve everything from eliminating passive voice through to incorrect punctuation and spelling is common sense. Our specialized tool is able to help you to make significant improvements to your writing within just a few minutes.

What Is the Passive Voice and Can a Free Passive Voice Checker Find It?

Active voice uses a very simple structure for the sentence, you will have a subject who will perform an action. So the structure is subject followed by the verb for instance “the author wrote the sentence.” Passive voice, however, will change the order of the subject and verb so that the verb is now acting on the subject such as; “the sentence was written by the author.”

So the usual structure of a passive sentence will be verb followed by subject. This means that the subject is no longer active but being acted upon by the verb. Understanding this structure is how to spot passive voice within your writing and what our tool will be looking for.

When Should the Passive Voice Be Used in Your Writing?

While there is a general rule that the active voice should be used where possible there are times when you may want to use the passive voice within your writing. In general, the passive voice can be confusing if used poorly and should be avoided if you really do not need to use it. For this, you need to learn about identifying passive voice.

The following however are times when you may want to use the passive voice within your writing:

  • Where you do not want to specifically highlight who is responsible for the action.
  • Where the person involved is either unknown or irrelevant to the action.
  • Where you are discussing a generally agreed upon truth.
  • Where you want to put the emphasis on the thing or the person that is being acted on.
  • Within scientific papers within which the passive voice is a traditionally used method.

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How to Find Passive Voice Using Verbs

One way to identify passive voice in any sentence type is by the use of the verbs within it as well as where they are placed. The use of a form of the verb “to be”, often with “by” shortly after will be a good indicator that you have a passive sentence. Words such as:

  • Am
  • Is
  • Are
  • Has
  • Has been
  • Were
  • Was
  • Had been
  • Will have been
  • To be

How to Detect Passive Voice in an Essay with Our Tool

Many students will use an active vs passive voice worksheet and will still find that they are unable to find examples of passive voice within their essay writing. One of the easiest ways and most accurate is to use our online program to find passive voice to find each instance within your text.

Our analyzer will work its way through your writing and will be able to highlight each time you have used the passive voice within your text and if it is appropriate. It can be used for any form of writing from essays and assignments through to books, blog posts, and business reports. This find passive voice website is applicable to all forms of writing and can be used simply and quickly to help you to improve your writing:

  • Copy and paste the text that you need to have checked into the provided space within the tool.
  • Answer the captcha or press check to begin the process of checking your writing.
  • The software will work quickly through the text provided and identify passive voice and more than 400 more grammatical errors that you may have made in your writing.
  • Work through the text to see the issues highlighted and the fixes that are suggested by the software. You can choose to select the change suggested or make your own changes.

Make good use of our free passive voice checker to ensure that your writing will always be written to the highest standards.